Fast Brain Booster Reviews

Fast Brain Booster Reviews

Fast Brain Booster Reviews: Fast Brain Booster is a natural supplement designed to maintain brain health while making the user feel youthful and vital. The research team reports that all of the constituents are natural and effectively combat leaky brain syndrome (LBS). In addition, more than twenty percent of adult Americans suffer from mental disorders, and the government spends enormous sums annually on public mental health. The Fast Brain Booster review will examine each facet of this product and evaluate its true value.

Initial enthusiasm for the product and the nutritional supplement’s popularity indicate that it has been adopted by the public. In addition, online reviews indicate that this dietary supplement is acceptable and effective. However, additional data is required to validate the claim. The purpose of this Fast Brain Booster review is to collect all available information, comprehend the product’s actual operation, and determine if it is the best treatment for memory loss.

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Fast Brain Booster Review: How Helpful Is Fast Brain Booster?

Fast Brain Booster is a healthy product made from all-natural ingredients that aids anyone suffering from brain fatigue or memory loss.

This product contains the ideal combination of ingredients to aid in the recovery of Leaky brain syndrome, the leading cause of memory loss. In addition, every disease will have a primary cause, and this product is designed to address the issue at its source. As a result, the end user will undoubtedly notice the difference and enhance his condition.

Fast Brain Booster is an all-natural dietary supplement designed to eliminate and repair brain harm by addressing the underlying cause, which is caused by the diversity of microorganisms present in the intestines. These microorganisms affect the bloodstream as well as brain cells and impair the immune system, which has a direct and progressive impact on mental health to the point where no amount of bizarre brain exercises can reverse the condition.

The 100% natural brain supplement is capable of eliminating all harmful microorganisms from gastrointestinal health and aiding in the restoration of damaged brain cells. The Fast Brain Booster tablet is effective at enhancing mental health and providing the highest level of mental acuity.

We discovered that the majority of brain disease patients believe that the underlying cause resides within the brain itself. However, we have elucidated in this Fast Brain Booster review on the actual cause of brain diseases and how they can be prevented with Fast Brain Booster capsules.

Fast Brain Booster Reviews
Product NameFast Brain Booster
Item FormCapsules
Formulated ToEnhances mental sharpness
Cost💲Basic $69
💲Best value: $294
💲Special: $177
Result Expected3 Months
Quantity Intake1 tablet per day
Core Ingredients👉Ginkgo Biloba Leaf
👉St. John’s Wort
Pros100% natural ingredients
No reported negative effects
Improve focus and attention
Enhanced mental cognition
ConsNot suitable for pregnant women, lactating mothers, and kids below 18 years
Only available on the official website
BonusesBonus#1: 6 bottles only for $294+ free shipping+ additional bonuses.
Bonus#2: 3 bottles of supplement +2 bottles free for 180 days supply+ free shipping + additional bonuses
Money-back guarantee60 days
AvailabilityOnly on the official site
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is Fast Brain Booster?

Fast Brain Booster is a dietary supplement that enhances mental acuity and provides the highest level of mental acuity. The supplement’s nutrient-rich ingredients nourish the body by eliminating harmful microorganisms and repairing broken or damaged brain cells. It is combined with fourteen various natural constituents in a sterile environment. The nutritional supplement is produced in FDA- and GMP-approved facilities.

The manufacturer ensures that there are no adverse effects because all of the constituents are extracted naturally after they have reached maturity and each has been clinically evaluated to determine its maximum potential. All of these ingredients are combined in the precise proportions to preserve their properties. Furthermore, this formula has been clinically demonstrated to be efficacious when consumed as directed. Several Fast Brain Booster customer reviews have reported enhanced mental cognition after using the nutritional supplement.

Fast Brain Booster is a nutritional supplement formulated by a neuroscientist named David Clark.

David and his team primarily market Fast Brain Booster to senior adults who have recently observed cognitive changes. Perhaps you are overlooking minor details or ignoring certain aspects of your life.

Normal aging causes certain memory issues. Others indicate a degenerative brain disease, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.

It is claimed that by taking one capsule of Fast Brain Booster per day, you can improve brain health, rehabilitate your brain, and restore your perfect memory and focus, among other benefits – all without expensive medications, absurd brain exercises, or strenuous mental effort.

Fast Brain Booster could provide the necessary assistance regardless of whether you have Alzheimer’s, dementia, or general forgetfulness. The supplement promises to be the most effective cognitive enhancer for men and women of all ages.

Who Created Fast Brain Booster?

A man named David Clark, who describes himself as a specialist in neurobiology, created Fast Brain Booster.

After observing his 65-year-old father contend with degenerative brain disease, David was inspired to create a cognitive health supplement.

David asserts to have direct patient care experience. Over the years, many individuals, including those with mental deterioration, have sought his assistance. David was frustrated that despite his expertise as a neuroscientist, he was unable to treat these patients.

The father of David exhibited symptoms of degenerative neurological disease. One day, David’s father boiled water for tea, then forgot about it after leaving the home. The building nearly caught fire. The father of David could not recall anything.

According to David, his father suffered from a severe form of neurodegenerative disease:

“When the results were revealed, my heart shattered into a million fragments…His cerebral cells had degraded to an advanced degree…It was so terrible that I was astonished something similar hadn’t occurred earlier.”

David prescribed his father medication to halt the degeneration. However, he wanted to reverse the decline and completely remedy the condition, not just slow it down.

Despite David’s endeavors, his father was eventually hospitalized. David met the affable Dr. Rakoto while visiting his father in the hospital. Dr. Rakoto disclosed a secret treatment for brain disease.

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Ingredients Inside The Fast Brain Booster Supplement

Tablets of Fast Brain Booster are formulated with all-natural constituents grown with the uttermost care by local farmers. These constituents are extracted only after they have matured in a favorable environment. To ensure their standard and quality, they are manufactured in FDA- and GMP-approved facilities under sterile conditions.

All of the constituents in Fast Brain Booster have been clinically evaluated for their prospective benefits. These constituents are purposefully cultivated for their mental health benefits. Several of the key components of the dietary supplement are listed below.

  • Ginkgo Biloba Leaf

The Ginkgo Biloba Leaf is prevalent in China and other Asian nations. It has been utilized in traditional Chinese medicine for over a millennium. The plant’s leaf is extracted for numerous medicinal uses. It is abundant in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, according to reports. It has numerous positive effects on cognitive functions and blood circulation.

Its high flavonoid content is known to combat free radicals and diminish their effects. It enhances blood circulation and nourishes the bloodstream with nutrient-dense substances for the metabolism and other digestive functions. Ginkgo is widely regarded for its cognitive enhancement properties. Numerous studies demonstrate that Ginko-based supplements enhance memory and concentration. In addition, the cleansing of blood vessels facilitates the reduction of stress, anxiety, and depression.

  • Phosphatidylserine

Phosphatidylserine is commonly present in dietary supplements. It is used in several supplements as an essential element for maintaining mental acuity. It functions by converting the constituent into phospholipid, a fatty substance that converts and protects brain cells.

According to studies, it improves mental health, including memory loss, temperament, and other mental issues. It is believed to aid in the treatment of underlying neurological disorders. However, the statement is not supported by substantial evidence. However, it is used in multiple cognitive health supplements.

  • L-Glutamine

This non-essential amino acid is harmless for human consumption and has no adverse effects. It is present in numerous food supplements, including corn, egg, cabbage, and legumes, among others.

According to studies, it has intestinal benefits. This amino acid promotes intestinal health by supplying beneficial microorganisms. Additionally, it promotes immune health. These factors increase the provision of nutrients to the circulation, thereby enhancing the brain’s function.

  • St. John’s Wort

St. John’s wort, also known as goatweed, is a yellow-flowered plant used in ancient Greek medicine. According to studies, it is high in antioxidants and optimal for antidepressant patients. It is believed to have a tranquil and relaxing effect on the nervous system and mental activities, enhancing their performance. Additionally, it has no negative side effects when combined with other medications.

The dietary supplement also contains a variety of other naturally extracted constituents. The manufacturer claims that fourteen different types of ingredients have been combined to create this potent solution that can improve mental health. The majority of these Fast Brain Booster ingredients target gastrointestinal health, the underlying cause of mental health.

Fast Brain Booster Ingredients
Fast Brain Booster Reviews

How Do Fast Brain Booster Supplements Work?

The Fast Brain Booster formula is effective when consumed according to the instructions. Once it enters the system, it combats the fundamental cause of the problem, which is the neuron-killing microorganisms present in unfavorable gastrointestinal health. Improving gastrointestinal health aids in the restoration of brain cell injury and enhances overall mental health.

Inadequate gastrointestinal health causes brain cell degeneration over time. Cell degeneration is now widespread among adolescents. However, this critical solution has rapidly altered people’s perspectives, as it has proven effective across age categories.

Fast Brain Booster dietary supplements function by purifying and detoxifying the digestive tract. It is scientifically proven that gastrointestinal health is the primary source from which food supplements are converted into energy and nutrients, which are then distributed to various organs, including the brain. Therefore, with the aid of supplements, the link between brain cells and the stomach is thoroughly purified, which prevents infections and improves mental cognitive functioning.

Fast Brain Booster claims to work by addressing the underlying cause of degenerative brain disorders.

Scientists are unsure of the exact causes of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other degenerative brain disorders. Nevertheless, it appears to be associated with genetics, the immune system, aging, diet, and lifestyle, among other factors.

David Clark and the Fast Brain Booster team dispute this, however. They assert that these factors have “zero” to do with degenerative brain conditions. Instead, they are the result of an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body.

On the official Fast Brain Booster website, David Clark and his colleagues explain the causes of degenerative brain conditions as follows:

“The problem…is an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants in the body, which slowly but surely leads to cell and tissue damage, wreaking havoc in your brain and on your overall cognition health, while gradually diminishing your cognitive abilities.”

This disparity is the reason why some individuals in their 90s have faultless cognition, while others begin to experience cognitive decline in their 50s and 60s.

Key Benefits Fast Brain Booster Capsule

  • Enhanced Mental cognition

By supplying the body with healthy microorganisms, foods are broken down into fine particles and converted into high-quality nutrients, which are then delivered to brain cells, where it repairs damaged cells and enhances brain function.

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

Cortisol is the stress-inducing hormone in the human body. Brain function will reduce cortisol levels. Providing the body with wholesome sustenance will result in the elimination of unwanted tension. Improved blood flow will eliminate all impurities from the body, which will ultimately improve health by boosting the production of feel-good hormones.

  • Improves immune health

Purifying gastrointestinal health improves digestion and nourishes the other organs with an abundance of nutrient-dense substances. Gut health is a vital component of the body that is responsible for the health of numerous other components. It is where all food was processed before being broken down into smaller particles. Beneficial microbes nourish the immune system with high-quality nutrients. Consequently, an improved immune system will result from improved gastrointestinal health.

  • Boosts memory

Memory loss has been extremely prevalent among patients suffering from brain cell degeneration. Fast Brain Booster tablets contain ingredients that enhance brain function by repairing damaged cells. As the functioning of the brain is enhanced, memory capacity ultimately increases. It enables the brain to more precisely recall past events.

  • Critical thinking and a sharp mind

With increased brain function, many of the brain’s qualities are enhanced. The supplement enables the brain to increase its reasoning capacity and maintain constant mental acuity. Thus, the individual will always be attentive and aware of their surroundings.

How To Use Fast Brain Booster Dietary Supplement?

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, each container of the dietary supplement contains 30 capsules, each of which must be consumed daily. It is most effective when consumed 20 to 30 minutes before a meal with a glass of water. In order to eliminate harmful bacteria prior to imbibing food supplements.

The manufacturer recommends ingesting the dietary supplement for a minimum of three months on a consistent basis without fail to obtain the optimum benefits. By doing so, the company ensures long-term success.

In addition, do not overspend on the supplement for immediate results, as it is wholly natural and functions progressively in the body. It takes time for dietary supplements to exert their full effects on the body. Always store the supplement in a calm, dry location out of the reach of children.

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Pros And Cons Of Fast Brain Booster

As with any other supplement, the Fast Brain Booster capsule has both advantages and disadvantages. As a result of our research, we discovered that the supplement has a number of benefits. In addition, we have listed some of the disadvantages for certain individuals. Detailed below are the benefits and drawbacks of the dietary supplement.


  • 100% natural substances
  • Produced in a GMP-compliant and FDA-approved facility
  • Excellent ingredients
  • Zero reported adverse effects
  • Superior mental acuity
  • Improve concentration and focus
  • Money-back assurance


  • Not suitable for expectant women, nursing mothers, or children under 18 years old.
  • Before consuming, individuals on medication should consult a healthcare professional.
  • Exclusive to the official website.

Is Fast Brain Booster Safe?

In our FDA-approved facility, this Fast Brain Booster supplement is created using the most advanced apparatus and technology.

All capsules of Fast Brain Booster are non-GMO and safe. You do not need to go on a strict diet or deprive yourself in order to reap the benefits of this formula; you can continue consuming the foods you enjoy.

Even each of the added constituents in this supplement has been meticulously chosen for their importance in promoting cognitive health. The capsules containing each of the potent constituents in these supplements are meticulously designed.

Fast Brain Booster Supplement
Fast Brain Booster Reviews

How Well Does Fast Brain Booster Works For You?

Fast Brain Booster is highly effective in providing the key to overcoming this debilitating illness and regaining your keen mind and perspective.

It stimulates the intellect while enhancing concentration and memory. With this 100% natural, safe, and effective “secret,” your overall health and vitality will increase dramatically. It has no negative side effects and produces life-changing results.

You are about to learn a scientifically validated technique designed to specifically target the fundamental cause of brain deterioration by reactivating your natural defense mechanism that affects your brain cells, rather than allowing them to degrade individually. Fast Brain Booster will accelerate your metabolism and stimulate all of your damaged brain cells.

This supplement of the most remarkable innovations for these dreadful conditions assists over 7,200 Americans in enhancing and alleviating their mental health.

Fast Brain Booster provides the key solution for any woman or man to restore their ideal brain functions swiftly and completely.

This dietary supplement contains ingredients from certified and FDA-approved manufacturers. Fast Brain Booster is an easy-to-swallow capsule containing all-natural constituents that is taken once daily with a large glass of water.

This dietary supplement allows you to regain full cognitive function by restoring the neurons that hazardous microorganisms have been destroying without your knowledge. For this recipe, only the purest and finest ingredients were used.

The ideal combination of 14 expertly blended plant extracts and vitamins in a daily capsule that is easy to ingest.

Our FDA-approved facility employs cutting-edge machinery and technology to manufacture Fast Brain Booster. All capsules of Fast Brain Booster are non-GMO and safe. And here are the initial steps for Fast Brain Booster:

  • STEP 1: Your Body Absorbs these powerful nutrients

The process of nutrient assimilation begins after the first Fast Brain Booster capsule is swallowed. This mixture is sourced from regions such as Africa, Asia, Northern Europe, and the largest rainforest in Brazil, where the nutrients and vitamins are exceptionally potent. First, the hazardous microorganisms that damage neuronal connections are eliminated. Second, they nourish and heal the damaged neurons.

  • STEP 2: The Nerve Cell Degradation Stops

Once your body has assimilated all of these potent nutrients, the disintegration of brain cells ceases. To accomplish this, a potent combination of N-acetyl and L-carnitine was chosen. This miraculous treatment will strengthen your brain cells so that they can transmit detoxifying signals to your digestive tract and bloodstream.

  • STEP 3: The Brain Itself Starts To Heal

Once the connection is reestablished, the brain begins to restore itself and combat the disease. To assist you in combating the inflammation generated by your body, it was necessary to first painstakingly combine 14 substances.

Is Fast Brain Booster Legit Or Not?

According to the website’s findings, the dietary supplement is entirely legitimate. The manufacturer guarantees that dietary supplements provide benefits when taken as directed. In addition, it is chemical-free and entirely natural. Before blending, each ingredient is clinically evaluated for its prospective benefits. The manufacturer warrants that the product was produced in FDA- and GMP-accredited facilities. All of the manufacturing equipment is highly advanced and is disinfected after each production.

To date, no adverse effects have been reported as a result of taking the dietary supplement. Before consuming the supplement, individuals with underlying health conditions, expectant women, nursing mothers, and those with medication and allergic conditions should exercise caution.

A thorough examination of the review reveals that Fast Brain Booster is a legitimate dietary supplement. As the supplement is formulated using recent research in the field and links the presence of intestinal microorganisms to brain functions, it is supported by scientific evidence.

The manufacturers have clarified that the product is manufactured in facilities that adhere to Food and Drug Administration and Good Manufacturing Practices requirements. These are the utmost standards for determining the quality and efficacy of the supplement’s manufacturing process.

In addition, approximately 14 clinically tested and meticulously selected constituents were used to formulate the supplement. All of these are plant-based and devoid of any chemical or habit-forming substances. All of these Fast Brain Booster constituents have scientifically supported claims of promoting optimal brain concentration and enhancing mental clarity.

In addition, thousands of consumers have already attested to the numerous advantages of the Fast Brain Booster. In light of this Fast Brain Booster review, it is evident that Fast Brain Booster is a legitimate supplement.

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Advantages Of Rapid Brain Booster

  • This formula’s natural constituents restore your natural and deserved mental clarity and help you reclaim your life.
  • By increasing glutamate production when alertness, learning, and memory are required, it facilitates the brain’s ability to maintain neurotransmitter homeostasis.
  • The fourteen extraordinary ingredients combine precisely to nourish your brain and assist you in combating the venomous inflammation caused by your body’s cells.
  • The natural ingredients enhance cognitive acuity and memory without causing any problems.
  • Tens of thousands of men and women have used the Fast Brain Booster supplement with confidence and astounding results.
  • The supplement Fast Brain Booster will eliminate neuron-killing microorganisms and increase your energy levels.
  • Boost your cognitive abilities, enhance your concentration and focus, enhance your mental performance, and even fortify your immunity.

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Fast Brain Booster Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

David Clark and Dr. Rakoto, the creators of Fast Brain Booster, claim to have treated thousands of patients over the years. After experiencing difficulty with pharmaceuticals, they began recommending Fast Brain Booster and similar supplements to patients.

Here are some of the online testimonials posted by David Clark’s and Dr. Rakoto’s patients, as well as other Fast Brain Booster users:

David Clark, the creator of Fast Brain Booster, asserts that his father completely recovered from an advanced stage of neurodegenerative brain disease after taking the supplement. His father’s condition was so severe that he nearly set the house on fire. In addition to being hospitalized, he was unable to conduct a normal conversation. Within weeks of consuming Fast Brain Booster, his condition was completely resolved, and he is now fully recovered.

One customer calls Fast Brain Booster a “miracle” because it enhanced his memory and provided him with more vitality and joy.

Another customer lauded Fast Brain Booster for delivering potent results in a matter of days, claiming he has greater concentration and clarity in a stressful environment.

Adults in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond have left positive reviews for the supplement Fast Brain Booster.

A man claims that after taking Fast Brain Booster, he feels livelier, more alert, and less muddled in the head, and he recommends the supplement to anyone seeking to protect their memory and brain health.

According to the official website, more than 93,600 people have already benefited from Fast Brain Booster, making it one of the most popular neurological supplements in history.

Fast Brain Booster Customer Reviews
Fast Brain Booster Reviews

How And Where To Buy Fast Brain Booster?

Fast Brain Booster is exclusive to the official website. The supplement is available in vials. Each container contains 30 capsules intended for monthly use. The manufacturing company provides an extensive selection of packages at reasonable prices. Price information for Fast Brain Booster is provided below.

  • Basic – one bottle of supplement for a 30-day supply only for $69 + a small shipping fee.
  • Popular – three bottles of supplement for 90 days supply only for $177 + free shipping.
  • Best value – six bottles of supplement only for $294+ free shipping+ additional bonuses.
  • Special – three bottles of supplement + two bottles free for 180 days supply for only $177+ free shipping + additional bonuses.

The manufacturer has not authorized the product’s sale on e-commerce websites or in physical stores. Therefore, you will only discover authentic products on official websites. The manufacturer does not guarantee the authenticity of products purchased from third-party e-commerce sites and retail stores.

Fast Brain Booster Customer Reviews

According to the official website, more than 90,000 people have benefited from the supplement. The outcomes for these individuals have been astoundingly favorable. To date, no negative response has been received. However, there have been instances of adverse effects following purchases made from sources other than the official website.

This indicates that no consumers who purchased the product from the official website were negatively affected by it. Therefore, this is the best supplement on the market for optimal cognitive function.

Fast Brain Booster Money Back Policy

Fast Brain Booster capsules are protected by an ironclad 60-day money-back guarantee, unlike other supplements. This means that if a consumer is not satisfied with the product, they can simply file a claim and receive their money back.

However, the claim must be submitted within 60 days of the product’s purchase from the official website. The manufacturer ensures customer contentment by reimbursing the customer’s investment if the investment does not yield any benefits. Thus, your investment in the product is protected.

Available Fast Brain Booster Bonuses

As stated previously, incentives are only available for two bundles. The official website provides five additional bonuses that are all mental health e-books. These e-books are currently available in the best value and special offer packages at a price that represents their monetary value. These benefits are included in the shipment for purchasers of the specified bundle.

Final Verdict On Fast Brain Booster Reviews

The Fast Brain Booster formula is a legitimate product that promotes brain health by addressing the underlying cause of poor digestive health, according to all Fast Brain Booster reviews. The dietary supplement contains only natural, chemical-free constituents. To maintain its quality and standard, it is manufactured in GMP and FDA-approved facilities under stringent and sanitary conditions.

The dietary supplement is highly effective because it contains constituents of the highest quality. To obtain the maximum benefits, the manufacturer recommends taking the prescribed dosage. In addition, no adverse effects have been reported by customers. This demonstrates consumer satisfaction with the product.

In the event of dissatisfaction, any customer may request a full refund by selecting their refund policy within sixty days of the official purchase. This policy applies to those who purchase the supplement from the official website but receive no benefits.

Fast Brain Booster is a unique formula intended to provide relief. Plaque accumulation in the brain is the cause of memory loss and inflammation. This product provides relief by targeting the underlying cause. The primary constituents are time-tested and extensively employed in Ayurvedic medicine. In addition, Brain Forify reviews indicate that the product yielded positive results for its consumers. Regular use of this product alters one’s outlook on life by eliminating the dread of abandonment and lack of confidence.

In addition, the ingredients are of premium quality, 100 percent natural, and GMO-free. The health benefits of this specially formulated product include reducing inflammation, enhancing memory, and repairing damaged cells. Additionally, the product prevents memory loss, alleviates brain fatigue, and enhances neuronal connectivity.

The product provides a 100 percent money-back guarantee for the customer’s benefit. The procedure is straightforward, and the user only needs to bundle and ship the bottles before the deadline of 180 days. Currently, this product is only available on our official website in conjunction with special bundled offers. For enhancing life quality and regaining lost confidence, Fast Brain Booster is the optimal solution.

Fast Brain Booster Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions On Fast Brain Booster Reviews

  • Do I need a medical prescription to consume?

No, you do not need. Consult a medical professional if you are taking medication or have an allergic condition.

  • How long should I consume the medication?

According to the recommended dosage, the supplement should be taken for three months to eradicate all harmful microorganisms from the intestines.

  • Is it completely natural?

All ingredients are extracted from local producers after they have reached maturity. Each ingredient is clinically evaluated for scientific support.

  • Who should be cautious?

Before taking the supplement, individuals with underlying health conditions, those taking specific medications, and those with allergic conditions should consult a physician.

  • Are these supplements vegan?

Yes, it is 100% vegan and made with all-natural ingredients.

  • Why is Fast Brain Booster the best choice?

Fast Brain Booster is an all-natural, root-level problem-solving supplement. Doctors and neurologists combine efficient natural ingredients to formulate this remedy.

  • What are the main benefits of Fast Brain Booster?

The primary advantage of Fast Brain Booster is preventing and eliminating brain plaque. Each ingredient is natural and of the purest quality. Additionally, the product is devoid of genetically modified organisms (GMO) and is simple to consume.

  • Is there any guarantee of satisfaction?

Fast Brain Booster products come with a money-back guarantee of 180 days. If results are not attained within the specified time frame or if the client is not satisfied for any reason, the company offers a full refund.

  • Does Fast Brain Booster have any Side effects?

The product is a custom-made, 100 percent natural formula developed over time. It is entirely secure for human consumption and has minimal adverse effects.

  • Why is this product not available anywhere else?

This product is presently only available on our official website, as we are a legitimate business and do not want any interference from third parties. Additionally, this is an exclusive product with limited availability.

Fast Brain Booster Reviews

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