The Lost Superfoods Reviews

The Lost Superfoods Reviews

The Lost Superfoods Reviews: Friends, greetings! Because food hoarding is a big issue in this epidemic period, you could discover additional information on the subject in The Lost Superfoods reviews accessible online.

I’ve been investigating survival foods that can be preserved for extended periods of time and a food preservation guide since discovering about The Lost Superfoods guide. Now I’ll share my expertise in this Lost Superfoods review, which should give you a good idea of what this book is all about.

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The Lost Superfoods Review: Is This Guide Helpful In Preserving Food’s Nutritional Value?

Let me introduce myself before we get into The Lost Superfoods review. Allie Troy, a dietician, has been reading cookbooks and other food-related publications to analyze different cuisines. I began gathering data from legitimate food-related sources and also polled the book’s buyers.

This review was written after a thorough examination of the book. So, read The Lost Superfoods review to discover whether it is suitable for you.

The Lost Superfoods Reviews
Product nameThe Lost Superfoods
Item formGuide / eBook
BenefitsPreserves the nutritional value of each food itemMeasures the exact amount of nutrient intakeRecipes and tips are given in an easy-to-follow mannerLearn preservation without refrigeration
ProsEasy to follow tipsSimple to cook recipesProvides 126 survival food recipesUseful during emergencies like a pandemic or disasterPhysical and digital availability
ConsAvailable only on the official website.
Price$47 (shipping charge $8.99)
Money back60 days from the purchase date
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official websiteClick Here

What is Lost Superfoods Book?

The Lost Superfoods is a food preservation book that includes recipes for around 126 survival foods as well as storage strategies that you may employ in the event of a catastrophe such as a pandemic or natural disaster. The superfoods indicated in the guide may be stored without the need for refrigeration.

All of the recipes and stockpiling tips are given in a step-by-step fashion, complete with color images and simple directions.

The Lost Superfoods guide also clearly shows the nutritional worth of each food item, allowing you to keep track of your nutrient consumption. The Lost Superfoods guide is laid up in such a manner that even someone with no cooking or stockpiling expertise may readily apply it.

The writers use colorful graphics and easy-to-follow recommendations to clearly and methodically explain everything in the book. The book covers over 126 forgotten survival foods and storage tricks, making it an indispensable resource for everyone.

Notably, the book gives the precise nutritional values of each item. This enables readers to determine how many macronutrients their bodies get from the items in the book, such as fat, carbs, and protein, and how much more they need.

According to the official website, the major goal of The Lost Superfoods was to provide as many American families as possible with three, six, or even one year’s worth of long-lasting superfoods.

This would aid them in surviving a disaster such as a storm or a statewide interruption such as a pandemic, among other things.

About the Author – Art Rude

Art Rude is a parent, grandpa, and retired college math instructor. He expresses his top worry as protecting the safety of his loved ones in the event of a calamity.

Art Rude learned the most of his expertise from his father, who died lately. Unlike in the past, most people nowadays do not have gardens or cattle to provide them with food.

Instead, the majority of Americans depend on buying groceries and food supplies and storing them in freezers and refrigerators. The Lost SuperFoods is a one-of-a-kind cookbook that mixes long-lasting recipes and meals.

It is accessible in both hard copy and digital format. The tangible copy has a “rugged feel” that transports you back in time many centuries. Furthermore, it is thick and solid, indicating that it is long-lasting.

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What is Inside The Lost SuperFoods?

Art Rude claims to have conducted significant study on the long-lasting diets that helped our forefathers survive. These are some examples:

  • US Doomsday Ration

It is a Cold Conflict superfood that was created to feed the US populace during the war. According to history, the US government spent a lot developing the secret ration, which adults could purchase for less than 37 cents.

However, you may now create or copy it at a low cost. In the correct circumstances, the ration does not deteriorate soon. Furthermore, the ration is lightweight and small enough to pack in a bug-out bag.

  • Leningrad Superfood in WW2 War

The starvation killed the majority of Europeans during the historic Leningrad siege. During times of shortage, people had to devise novel methods of storing food.

It was originally prepared with cow feet, but you may make it with any inexpensive and fresh meat. You may reportedly keep excellent meals for years without refrigeration by following the Lost SuperFoods preservation protocol.

  • Healthy Fats

Fats play an important role in the body. It includes butyric acid, which helps your body absorb other nutrients. It also protects the digestive tract from infection. The forgotten superfood may also assist you in transforming potatoes into tasty and healthy dishes.

According to history, the superfood assisted Swedish farmers in surviving when an avalanche blocked their path for months.

  • The Great Depression Superfood

According to Art Rude, the superfood saved the lives of thousands of Americans. It’s delicious and may keep for up to two years without refrigeration. Lard is also a good source of fat and may be used to manufacture soap, cure burns, and cook with.

  • 1800s Long-Lasting Bread

It is derived from the Cree Tribe of Canada. It is heavy in carbohydrates and takes around 30 minutes to prepare. It also has four easily accessible components.

  • Civil War Food Miracle

It is made from leftover food. Proper preparation might save you money on purchasing fresh meals on occasion.

  • Cheese Preservation

The majority of American diets include cheese. As a result, learning how to create and store your excellent cheese is beneficial. The Alkmaar Dutch are responsible for the secret cheese preservation procedure.

  • The Pocket Soup

Lewis and Clark cooked the “portable soup” that would last them two years on their journey. Regardless of the weather, the soup does not deteriorate soon.

  • Black Plague Superfood

Most people died during America’s Dark Ages owing to a lack of key nutrients. However, a superfood made from simple items like dried wheat berries helped thousands of people live. It is incredibly healthy and simple to make and store.

The Lost SuperFoods also offers strategies to keep your refrigerated food from spoiling if the power goes off. When there is a blackout, Art Rude presents readers with simple ideas to help them survive with what they have in the fridge.

The book also explains how to prevent canning blunders, grow your food in affordable buckets, and so on. Furthermore, The Lost SuperFoods includes a whole month’s diet plan that would normally cost $100 at Walmart.

How does The Lost Superfoods work?

You will discover a wealth of information to help you prepare all of the nutritious meals and recipes that will keep you and your family well.

Here you will discover the healthiest and most easy recipes, as well as step-by-step cooking instructions.

You’ll also discover natural preservation techniques that don’t need the use of a refrigerator.

The Lost Superfoods software has the following features:

  • The Lost Superfoods Program has all of the following characteristics and benefits:
  • 126 underutilized survival foods and storage ideas
  • The specific nutritional values for each item are mentioned.
  • There include color images, recipes, and detailed instructions of how to get the most out of each meal.
  • How to get the right superfoods to prepare for disasters, grid failures, and other emergency situations
  • Available in print or as a digital eBook (or both bundled together)

Are The “Lost Superfoods” Really Beneficial?

The Lost Superfoods is a food preservation guide that will undoubtedly be useful to you. The Lost Superfoods book attempts to include around 126 long-lasting survival food recipes as well as storage strategies that are meticulously structured.

All of the recipes and advice are presented with color photographs and simple directions.

The Lost Superfoods book includes superfood recipes utilized throughout ancient conflicts and disasters. So, at this time of pandemic, The Lost Superfoods pdf will be a useful guide to stockpiling long-lasting dietary supplies.

You may also acquire the nutritional value of each food item and calculate your nutrient intake from the book. The Lost Superfoods eBook can alleviate hunger while also improving your health.

What Will You Learn From The Lost Superfoods?

Let us now have a look at the advantages of reading The Lost Superfoods.

  • The Lost Superfoods pdf is a food preservation guide that includes a step-by-step depiction of the vital survival foods that may be preserved without refrigeration as well as stockpiling advice.
  • It provides recipes utilized throughout historical events such as the civil war.
  • This comprehensive handbook will assist you in being prepared for situations such as a pandemic or natural catastrophe.
  • All of the recipes and advice are presented in an easy-to-follow format, allowing even those with no cooking or stockpiling expertise to benefit from the book.
  • The Lost Superfoods book also includes the nutritional value of each food item, allowing you to determine your precise nutrient consumption.

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The Lost Superfoods Features & Benefits

The Lost Superfoods has all of the following characteristics and benefits:

  • 126 Forgotten Survival Foods and Storage Solutions
  • Each food’s exact nutritional value
  • Color photographs, recipes, and extensive explanations on how to get the most out of each cuisine
  • How to acquire the correct superfoods to prepare for crises, grid breakdowns, and other emergency circumstances
  • Available in both digital eBook and print formats (or both bundled together)
The Lost SuperFoods Benefits
The Lost Superfoods Reviews

Pros And Cons Of The Lost Superfoods

Based on research, the following advantages and disadvantages of The Lost Superfoods Book should be considered before buying the book.


  • The book is straightforward to read and the recipes are simple to prepare.
  • It includes 126 recipes for survival meals.
  • This advice is important in times of emergency, such as a pandemic or natural catastrophe.
  • The book is available in both hard and digital formats.
  • The Lost Superfoods ebook also includes two free goodies worth $27 each.
  • This food storage handbook comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • The Lost Superfoods book is only accessible on the official website.
  • The Lost Superfoods Handbook

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What Makes the Lost Superfoods Unique?

The Lost Superfoods handbook is notable for its emphasis on foods that can be stored for an extended period of time without refrigeration.

As opposed to other publications that teach people how to cook, this makes it a useful resource for crisis nutrition. Almost no one recalls the meals described in the handbook The Lost Superfoods.

People, according to the author, should remember these natural foods. Unlike contemporary survival meals, they employ traditional cooking and preservation techniques to keep them fresh for years. Besides, they don’t need the expensive freeze-drying procedure that just a few Americans can afford.

These meals may be stored for up to three years without spoiling. This suggests that even in the lack of electricity, the food does not spoil. More significantly, these superfoods are inexpensive to prepare and store for rainy days.

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The Lost Superfoods Customer Reviews And Complaints

Before buying The Lost Superfoods eBook, read the following user testimonials.

Alyssa Lagoon

I’ve never seen something like The Lost Superfoods before. It contains all of the survival food recipes in an easy-to-follow format. Another benefit I saw is that, unlike other food-related publications or periodicals, The Lost Superfoods includes easy stockpiling strategies.

Alexander John

During the covid epidemic, I purchased The Lost Superfoods. At first, I dismissed this book as merely another gimmick. However, after reading it, I was able to create all of the dishes stated in it, and it was also simple to cope with the issue.

Rebeka Adele

I acquired The Lost Superfoods on the advice of a friend. I didn’t find the recipes helpful after reading the book. Some meals might also cause stomach issues. As a result, The Lost Superfoods has not benefitted me.

The Lost Superfoods Bonuses

When you buy the Lost Superfoods guide, you will get two digital goodies worth $27 for free.

  • An Underground Year-Round Greenhouse in your Backyard

This is a digital instruction on how to utilize an underground greenhouse to acquire two harvests of critical vegetables per year. This approach will enable you to gather food at any time of year, and building a greenhouse from raw materials will just take a few days.

  • Projects From 1900 That Will Help You in the Next Crisis

This digital handbook will provide you with the knowledge you need to cope with any forthcoming catastrophe. It gives detailed directions for outfitting your house with everything you need.

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The Lost Superfoods Pricing

The Lost Superfoods eBook is now available on the market at a fair price. The book is available in both print and digital formats from the publisher.

For $47, you may obtain a digital copy of the book as well as two free goodies. There is a $8.99 shipping fee whether you buy the physical book and digital copy together, or if you buy the physical copy alone.

The Lost SuperFoods Pricing

Do They Offer A Money-Back Guarantee?

The Lost Superfoods guide comes with a money-back guarantee of 60 days. So you have two months to utilize the book and determine whether or not it is valuable to you.

If you are dissatisfied with The Lost Superfoods book, you may request a complete refund with no questions asked. As a result, your investment in The Lost Superfoods pdf is secure.

Final Thoughts On The Reviews Of The Lost Superfoods

According to The Lost Superfoods reviews, the book is arranged in such a manner that even someone with no previous cooking or stockpiling knowledge can readily follow it and put the recommendations into effect.

The Lost Superfoods book will undoubtedly be of significant assistance in resolving famine and food shortages in this epidemic period.

The Lost Superfoods book also includes a 60-day money-back guarantee, which ensures that your money is safe and secure. The Lost Superfoods book, on the other hand, has received mixed reactions. Few individuals think the book is useful, and even fewer think it isn’t.

So, to gain an impartial opinion of the book, read this review and then determine whether it’s right for you.

Some of the techniques and recipes have also been altered. You may be acquainted with it, but the majority of the programs and recipes will be novel and distinctive in order to assist you improve your health.

And I’m convinced that The Lost Superfoods book for sale will be a wonderful book that will help you save your life in every manner conceivable.

The final verdict will reveal that the majority of customers who purchased The Lost Superfoods program were startled by the countless forgotten meal recipes and are now creating such meals and experiencing the health advantages.

The Lost Superfoods Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Is it easy to follow The Lost Superfoods?

The Lost Superfoods is a simple food preservation book that offers 126 nutrient-rich survival food recipes and vital stockpiling methods organized step by step with color graphics and straightforward directions.

  • Is The Lost Superfoods accessible digitally or in print?

The official website now sells both digital and hard versions of The Losthasn’t Superfoods.

  • Is there a money-back guarantee offered by the creators?

The Lost Superfoods writers provide a 60-day money-back guarantee. So, if you don’t think the book benefited you, you may write the authors within two months after buying it.

  • Is The Lost Superfoods accessible elsewhere?

The Lost Superfoods is only accessible on the official website. Because the book is in great demand, there may be duplicates of the original guide on other websites or retail locations.

  • Are there any extras included with The Lost Superfoods?

When you buy The Lost Superfoods, you receive two free goodies. Visit the official website for additional information on these perks.

The Lost Superfoods Reviews

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